Episode 37: July 22, 2017

Kyle is on vacation this week, but Alasdair decides that’s no reason not to talk wrestling, especially when the deeply strange Battleground pay-per-view is tomorrow. So he’s joined by Jim (@MrDeCoyote), fan of the podcast, reactor from the Fine Brothers web series, and creator of his own YouTube series “The Theory of Wrestling.” He recently cut a promo in which he gave WWE an intervention for its reliance on xenophobic tropes, which the Cena-Rusev and Orton-Mahal angles are just marinated in. Alasdair and Jim analyze why WWE loves this kind of story so much and why some wrestlers are able to be interesting despite it (Kevin Owens!) while others aren’t (sigh… Jinder). All that plus some general thoughts on Battleground, where legit the most intriguing thing might be who on earth could be behind the Breezango attacks. For lack of a better option, we’re rooting for the Club.