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Episode 75: April 14, 2018

It was a massive WrestleMania weekend, and Alasdair and Kyle are here to work through all of it. We save the perfection that was NXT TakeOver: New Orleans for the end of the show, especially since the brilliance of that ladder match and that unsanctioned match have our brains still melted days later. In the meantime, we talk about what worked and what didn’t from WrestleMania 34. We’re here for the wrestling goodness of the Intercontinental Championship match, the great storytelling and even greater followup for the SmackDown Women’s Championship match, and the shocking brilliance of the mixed tag. Plus we try to figure out what was the deal with the increasingly bizarre main event matches. Well, other than Braun and Nicholas. That was perfect.


Episode 74: April 7, 2018

Just in time for NXT TakeOver comes our big look at WrestleMania weekend! Alasdair has been going through a whole bunch of stuff lately and is fighting off a cold, so Kyle steps up to carry him much like we assume John Cena would carry the Undertaker if that matches actually happens. (It’s going to happen, right? Right!?) We talk through all the matches for both TakeOver and Mania, and why Rusev should win all of them. Well, except the NXT North American Championship, where literally any of the contestants are great picks. Also, seriously, should Rusev just wrestle Cena as the Bulgarian Badass? That and other, non-Rusev questions are all answered within!

Episode 73: March 24, 2018

Yes! Yes! Yes! That chant can mean only one thing: EC3 got fired on TNA! (What? There were three yeses.) FINE, let’s talk Daniel Bryan and his big return to in-ring action. Kyle especially is over the moon about this, and we consider just what it means for WWE to suddenly have another bona fide main eventer at its disposal and the potential stories it can tell. Plus we talk about the Ultimate Deletion and what the future could hold for Bray Wyatt, which Alasdair is pretty convinced will involve a whole lot of Bo Dallas. Plus we pay homage to Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa, the wrestling-loving grandmother who stood up to that bully Ciampa, and the glorious British shithead that is Zack Sabre Jr.

Episode 72: March 10, 2018

It’s Fastlane time! And… Alasdair and Kyle try to bring their trademark positivity and optimism to this, but even we have our limits. We discuss just why this whole main event feels like such a mess, throw out an alternative or two, and then try to drag ourselves away from Sunday’s action as soon as possible. We talk NXT and future callups, and Alasdair checks in with a report from last weekend’s Manhattan Mayhem event from Ring of Honor!

Episode 71: March 2, 2018

Alasdair and Kyle do something they have been putting off for far too long and turn their attention to SmackDown Live, whether SmackDown Live wants it or not. We start positive by looking at the fiery promo battle between the Usos and the New Day, and we’re still insistent that, whatever else you might say about it, the actual match between Charlotte and Ruby Riott ought to be pretty good. Bobby Roode vs. Randy Orton is the rare bout where somehow both faces need to turn heel. Is Shinsuke Nakamura doing anything before WrestleMania? And don’t worry, we have plenty to say about the six-pack challenge for the WWE Championship, with a little side conversation about the Elimination Chamber thrown in!

Episode 70: February 25, 2018

We’re back from a week off to get you ready for this evening’s Elimination Chamber. Kyle pays tribute to the glory of Seth Rollins, while Alasdair nods along sagely. We consider how that incredible gauntlet match has set things up for tonight, plus where Rollins can go from here on the road to WrestleMania. Honestly, we try to figure out where about half the roster could go on the road to WrestleMania, and it feels weirdly difficult at this point. At least Alasdair remains absolutely convinced we’re getting A.J. Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. Don’t you dare take this away from him. Plus we have some thoughts on the latest developments in Johnny Gargano’s story in NXT!

Episode 69: February 11, 2018

Alasdair and Kyle dive back into a couple classic Elimination Chamber matches to get ready for the big pay-per-view in two weeks. We look at the first ever such match at Survivor Series 2002, and how so much of it feels like a rough draft for what later iterations would perfect. Then we consider the match from 2014 featuring Randy Orton at his best defending the title against Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and more. When the matches feature 12 wrestlers, 11 of them are former world champions, and the odd man out is Cesaro, we’re in for a seriously fun week of talking classic wrestling.