Quick Preview for Episode 69

Kyle and I will be recording later this weekend, and we will be looking at a pair of past classic Elimination Chamber matches to get ready for the upcoming pay-per-view. If you want to watch ahead of time, they are the 2002 match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series and the 2014 match from the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view featuring Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and more!


Episode 68: February 3, 2018

With an incredible Royal Rumble weekend behind us, Alasdair and Kyle start preparing for the Elimination Chamber and Fastlane. But first, we try to figure out what’s realistcally next for Kane, what could ideally be next for Kane, and just generally what purpose Kane could usefully serve in 2018. We feel like we owe him that much. We consider what the Miz and the Intercontinental Championship could be doing, as well as who else is likely to fill out the slots in the men’s Elimination Chamber match. Plus we discuss the SmackDown titles scenes with plenty of talk about Rusev, Sami Zayn, the Bludgeon Brothers, and more!

Royal Rumble Weekend, Part IV: Royal Rumble Reactions

We wrap up our weekend in Philadelphia with our emotionally spent, frequently hoarse reactions to Sunday night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. The handicap match was better and way more simply booked than we had expected, and the Raw tag team match furthered Jason Jordan’s story in spectacular fashion. Beyond that, well, the other two non-Rumble matches didn’t do a whole lot for us. But the Rumble matches, my goodness, those were both something very special. We try to break down all the stories and little moments of awesomeness from both Rumbles, all while celebrating just who emerged victorious from each contest. What a weekend…

Royal Rumble Weekend, Part III: NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia Reactions

Alasdair and Kyle are recovered from the incredible, emotionally exhausting draining experience of going to NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia! We have some spoiler-free praise for the pre-show matches set to air on next Wednesday’s show that feature Roderick Strong, Tyler Bate, TM-61, and more. We then break down a card that has some all-time great stuff and some wonky stuff, with more of the latter early on. We look at how injuries affected the storytelling in the tag and women’s title matches. We praise Velveteen Dream and his limitless potential, even if he still has things to figure out (which, you know, he’s 23 years old, so that’s fine). And then we have nothing but praise for Aleister Black and Adam Cole, which would be the match of the night if not for Andrade “Cien” Almas and Johnny Gargano melting our minds and our hearts with pure wrestling perfection.

Royal Rumble Weekend, Part II: Royal Rumble Preview

We’re coming at you live from Philly! Alasdair and Kyle are together in the same room at last to break down the Royal Rumble before they head off to NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia! We’re excited about the tag title matches, confused about the heavyweight championships, and just generally prepared to be watching the two Rumble matches for hours upon hours. With so many open spots, who might show up? Who will emerge victorious, and why is it Rusev? We’ve got all your answers as we give you the second of our Royal Rumble weekend episodes!


Royal Rumble Weekend, Part I: NXT TakeOver Preview

It’s Royal Rumble weekend, and Alasdair and Kyle are headed to Philadelphia! We’ll have a bunch of episodes coming at you from our trip, and we run down the entire bonkers schedule that we have ahead of us. First up though we have to struggle through technical difficulties one more time to bring you this preview of NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia, which might be the first TakeOver we can recall in which we’re most excited about the championship match. But there’s plenty to like about the other four matches, and we break it all down as we get ready for the likes of Ember Moon and the Undisputed Era to defend their titles. Plus we take a few minutes at the end to discuss the all-important question of 205 Live’s General Manager. Oh and thanks for giving us so little to talk about, Raw 25, we owe you one!

Episode 62: January 21, 2018

Kyle and Alasdair have another round of awesome listener questions. We consider whether the returns on Raw 25 will throw off the thrill of the legends who might be in the Royal Rumble. We look at just who we want to see show up in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble. We try to work out just how the WWE Championship match can work out that isn’t just all Shane McMahon all the time. And we have take a look at what else we’re getting excited about for NXT Takeover: Philly and the Royal Rumble!