Episode 16: January 20, 2017

Nothing else important is going on today, so why not check out what might just be our best episode ever? We go deep on the rather splendid United Kingdom Championship Tournament, with a close look at just how this tournament told a brilliant, self-contained story. Alasdair reveals his equal love for high flyers and hosses with plenty of praise for Mark Andrews and Tyson T-Bone. Kyle breaks down the heelish brilliance of Pete Dunne. We look at when a botch isn’t a botch with the brilliantly handled finish of the Jordan Devlin-Danny Burch match. All that and a completely necessary Bad News Barrett digression!


Episode 15: January 9, 2017

It’s been a minute, but we’re back (and possibly better than ever, maybe)! Alasdair and Kyle look back on the best that 2016 had to offer, naming some of their favorite matches and the stories surrounding them. They then preview 2017 in damn near the most random way possible, with Alasdair asking a couple questions he was just curious to hear Kyle’s thoughts on and then proposing a rule change for the cruiserweight division. It’s a freewheeling return, so get it while it’s hot!

Episode 14: December 11, 2016

We’re back! Alasdair and Kyle have plenty to say on all things WWE and non-WWE, including a big recap of all the championship matches at TLC, a preview of what’s ahead at Roadblock, a pondering of what lies ahead in the NXT main event scene, and on-scene reports from Ring of Honor’s Final Battle and this weekend’s Evolve 74. We’re making up for our long absence with an extra-length look at all this, including plenty of positive takes on… well, pretty much everything other than how Raw is handling its titles. Well, that and Becky Lynch losing. Alasdair is still grumpy about that one. Plus check out our controversial take: Ricochet… he’s pretty good!

Episode 13: November 29, 2016

Coming in a few days late, we realize, but that’s the post-U.S. Thanksgiving malaise for you. Our Canadian cohost Kyle is unaffected by such things, and he offers his in-person experiences from NXT Takeover: Toronto and Survivor Series. We focus on the match of the year with the Revival and DIY’s tag team match, then break down all the MVPs (there were so, so many) from the men’s Survivor Series match. Plus we talk about Lesnar vs. Goldberg, and Alasdair previews the big Ring of Honor card he’ll soon be attending.

Episode 12: November 19, 2016

We’re back after an unplanned week’s break! And, in not totally unrelated news, we get political for a few minutes at the top of the show before diving into this weekend’s big events in Toronto. Kyle will be in attendance at both shows, and he’s ready to scream his Canadian heart out for Tye Dillinger, Bobby Roode, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Mr. Toronto himself, Chris Jericho. (He’s from Winnipeg, you idiot!) Alasdair gets pumped about the fact that the Undertaker-Styles match he fantasy-booked way back when might actually, seroiusly happen. We consider what stakes or stipulations could have worked well for the Survivor Series matches. Plus we barely remembered to talk about Goldberg-Brock, but really, we’re just hoping it’s an okay match.

Episode 11: November 6, 2016

Coming in a little late this week (i.e. it’s now next week), but no matter! Alasdair and Kyle have some fun breaking down the possibilities for the Survivor Series teams, but not before Alasdair assures everyone that Slater and Rhyno wrestled a PPV-worthy match against Breezango on the last Main Event taping. Are the world’s two most beautiful wrestlers going to fill out the SmackDown tag team side, and who on earth is even going to join the New Day on the Raw side? What is Baron Corbin doing in the main match, and which combination of wrestlers are we most excited to see face off? (The answer must surely be A.J. Styles vs. Seth Rollins, if we’re going strictly by in-ring stuff.) Plus we just barely remember to talk about Hell in a Cell, with Kyle going to bat for the women’s main event, wonky ending be damned.

Episode 10: October 30, 2016

Alasdair and Kyle check in with a preview of “Hell in a Cell” that’s mostly just a deep dive on why Monday Night Raw feels like such a mess these days. We try not to be unnecessarily negative, but this was a rough week on the Red Brand, everyone. Some highlights: Kyle dressed as Enzo for Halloween, and we discuss wrestler costumes! Alasdair wonders whether the only way to keep Brock Lesnar heel (other than, you know, not have him come out in front of his hometown in Minnesota Vikings colors) is to keep him off TV until Survivor Series! Kyle gives his pick for the best story and the best in-ring action of tonight’s five title matches! Alasdair slips into Stone Cold mode and explains why there was some good old-school storytelling in that Dana-Bayley arm wrestling match! Plus we take a moment to revel in the possibilities of Randy Wyatt!