Episode 50: October 21, 2017

It’s our landmark 50th episode, which Alasdair, in true WWE at WrestleMania 25 fashion, keeps wrongly calling the 50th anniversary show. Seriously, where to begin with this one? To mark the milestone, we asked original cohost and much cooler person LaToya Ferguson to make a one-off return, which she did! She talks about the book she’s working on and the state of Impact Wrestling and helps us answer some questions about TLC. But that’s the thing: We recorded the main episode before the last-minute reshuffling of the TLC card, so Kyle and Alasdair jumped back on to record a special prologue segment in which we discuss Kurt Angle’s in-ring return and A.J. Styles taking on Finn Balor in a battle of the Bullet Club. You’re getting a lot from this one, basically. Here’s to 50 more!


Episode 49: October 15, 2017

Alasdair and Kyle talk about Hell in a Cell, which we pretty much just confine to those two Hell in a Cell matches, because (with apologies to that triple threat, maybe) what else is there really to talk about? We consider the future of the tag team division and the New Day’s place in it (or elsewhere?), along with plenty of discussion of one Mr. Sami Zayn. We then talk all about the Shield reuniting and the absolute mind-melting 4-on-3 TLC match we’re headed toward. Plus we consider the state of the women’s divisions and why they so frequently feel like a mess. And then we chase it all with lots of well-deserved praise for the perfection that is NXT right now.

Episode 48: October 7, 2017

We were too busy to get in a podcast last week, but we’re back! Alasdair and Kyle take a look at the baffling storytelling of the Braun-Brock match at No Mercy, then move on as swiftly as WWE has. We take a look at most of the non-Jinder stuff to be excited about from Hell in a Cell. Alasdair goes fully mental with a ringing endorsement of 205 Live, and Kyle finds himself in worrying levels of agreement. Then there’s some Canadian Thanksgiving discussion, where Alasdair keeps emphasizing the “Canadian” part to the point of mild violence against Kyle.

Episode 47: September 24, 2017

Just in time for tonight’s No Mercy, Kyle and Alasdair weigh in on the card. We’re so, so ready for Lesnar-Strowman and Cena-Reigns, but we’ve also been weirdly run over by all things Jason Jordan, though maybe that’s just a continued tribute to the Miz. And Alasdair seriously wants nothing more than Neville to hit the Empire Elbow on Enzo. All that plus we kind of have no choice but to look at Jinder Mahal’s horrendous, racist promo. We get back on track by answering some of your great questions, so thanks for sustaining us in these trying times!

Episode 46: September 17, 2017

Warning: Alasdair is wrong and confused all over the place in this episode. He apparently thinks Shelton Benjamin’s tag team partner is Kurt Angle, and he totally launches into the wrap-up forgetting we hadn’t yet talked about the Mae Young Classic. Hopefully these momentary lapses make all his other takes all the more brilliant and trenchant? Or maybe it’s just up to Kyle to carry Alasdair to a great episode this week, as he returns after a week away to talk Kevin Owens pummeling Vince McMahon, Jason Jordan raising his stock against Roman Reigns and John Cena, the Usos and the New Day reaching tag team perfection, and more!

Episode 45: September 9, 2017

Kyle is otherwise busy this week, but that’s not going to stop Alasdair from being you your weekly podcast fix. He and his Inverse coworker Eric Francisco grab 30 minutes to talk all things Asuka after the Empress of Tomorrow officially vacated the NXT Women’s Championship on this week’s episode. We discuss what stories Asuka could get into on the main roster, what’s the future of her former championship, and who would be the best and/or worst person to get that very first pinfall or submission victory. We should be back to normal next week, but hope you enjoy this little impromptu episode!

Episode 44: September 3, 2017

We spend the first hour talking nothing but women’s wrestling, which makes perfect sense given the Mae Young Classic began this week. That said, Kyle wanted to talk about Nia Jax, so that’s where we actually begin. Seriously, what’s going on with the Raw women’s division, and what’s the best way to cure what ails it? Then we do indeed turn to the big women’s tournament, naming our favorite matches from the first round and which wrestlers impressed us most in the early going. Then we spend the final 15 minutes surveying the NXT landscape, especially how Drew McIntyre could prove to be a perfectly versatile champion. Oh, right, and John Cena and Roman Reigns had some sort of promo together. We’ll get to that too.